Deferred Action of Child Arrivals (DACA)

It is my goal when I get to Washington to fight for legislation that allows these young people who came here as children, through no fault of their own. Many have worked hard and stayed on a straight and narrow path, to stay in this great melting pot of a country. I believe this serves the best interests of this country.

The idea behind DACA is a worthy goal. However, it was done in an unconstitutional manner. Former President Obama had acknowledged that many times, stating that he did not have the power to enact DACA unilaterally, but then he did it. Well-intentioned policies enacted illegally create dangerous precedents.

Legislation is imperative, so that Dreamers can be legally recognized, without anyone being able to take them from their true home.

These young people need an advocate in the Republican caucus. I will be that advocate.

End Destruction of Economic Freedom

Big government leads to the destruction of economic freedom. We must reduce government intrusion into our lives, while demanding that it functions with great efficiency, minimal waste, and answerable to the people it represents. It must protect our Constitutional and God-given rights, and provide equal justice for all.

Proper Use of Your Tax Money

The purpose of taxes is to fund the government, to deliver clearly defined services to the people, and to defend this great nation. The socialists want to use the taxing power to punish success, to redistribute income to their perceived constituents, and to remake society in ways that will make them a permanent majority. We have seen it in Venezuela, and we cannot allow it to happen here. 

Preserve Entry Level Jobs

Some lawmakers want to destroy entry level jobs, by pricing them beyond the economic value. Their plan is to impose a minimum wage of $15 per hour which will deprive job opportunities to our young people.