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While I am fully hoping to win this election, and have the honor of representing the people of the 29th district, I recognize that it has a long history as a Democratic district, and conventional wisdom is that I am a decided underdog. I am undaunted by the challenge. I believe it is very possible that I will win.

But win or lose, I want to deliver a strong message to the voters. The Republican Party is a big tent party that stands for lower taxes, limited government, personal responsibility, peace through strength, and opportunity for all Americans, regardless of race, class or ethnicity.

Too often Republicans are portrayed as racist bigots who only care about the wealthy. Nothing could be further from the truth, and I want to articulate our message to the diverse citizens of this great district. If you are able, I would greatly appreciate your support. I understand the importance of immigrants to make this country what it is as the grandson of immigrants.

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