Soldier taking child

One issue that I urge you to consider is the condition that resulted in you or your recent ancestors coming to the United States. Some came because they viewed the U.S. as the land of opportunity, which it is. In this country, regardless of your heritage or economic status, people can work hard, get a helping hand from family, businesses, and the government – local, state and federal – and start to climb the economic ladder, start a business, get a good education, and enjoy a productive and satisfying life.

Many of those opportunities were not available in the countries these people fled. Too often countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Honduras, and even Mexico were controlled by one dominant political party or dictator, and opportunities for the average person were hard to come by, or didn’t exist at all. Over and over again, our media and most leaders of the Democratic Party supported thugs like Castro in Cuba, Chavez and Maduro in Venezuela, and Zelaya in Honduras, while those governments concentrated power in the hands of a few, and drained the countries of their natural assets. Venezuela, for example, ranks number one in oil reserves in all the world, exceeding even that of Saudi Arabia, yet because of the “socialist” government, people are starving and can’t even get their hands on basics like toilet paper and clean water.

Communists and socialists, like Castro and Maduro, are generally treated by the American media and Democrats as caring politicians who are fighting against corrupt business interests. While I do want to have good relations, including trade and diplomatic, with Latin America, I would never have gone along with President Obama’s gift to Cuba, where they got everything they wanted from us, without having to agree to any democratic reforms, or release any political dissidents being held in their prisons, or turning over the fugitive cop killers who fled this country and found sanctuary in Cuba.

It was a Democrat president who sent federal agents with machine guns to kidnap 6 year old Elian Gonzalez, a refugee from Cuba whose mother died to bring him to freedom, to return him to Castro’s cruel government control.

This is an example of what your family escaped. THIS IS WHO THE DEMOCRATS ARE.  I urge you to give the Republicans an opportunity to demonstrate that we can offer more opportunity for your family and your future generations.