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Who is Phillip?

Phillip Aronoff is running for the United States Congress in the 29th district of Texas. He has vast experience in business, politics, and as an Honorary Consul General for more than a decade. Phillip is fluent in Spanish, and has been to Mexico too many times to count, both for business and pleasure. He understands the importance of Houston as a global business center, and knows the ways to build on that. He has close relationships with many local politicians, past and present, from Al Green to Tom DeLay, among many others.

Why Am I Running in the 29th District?

At the age of 14 my father sent me alone to Mexico for the summer. He told me to do two things- Learn how to make steel, and learn how to speak Spanish. I did both, and found a great deal of respect for the Hispanic culture after that experience. As a conservative, I saw an opportunity to show the people of the 29th district, that there are individuals like myself. I am a proud grandson of immigrants, and I have a genuine respect and understanding for our nation's immigrants and their descendants. I believe many of us share a love of God, family, and country. Those values drive many of the people in the district. As a retiring diplomat, I am uniquely qualified to be a steady hand for the people. I know when to fight alongside the people I represent, and I know when to listen to their needs. The district will be able to gain a congressman that already has wonderful friendships with people like Al Green, Sheila Jackson Lee, Brian Babin, and many other leaders in congress. I'll go to Capitol Hill with established relationships on both sides of the aisle. This means that I will actually be able to accomplish things for our district, that my opponent wouldn't. We already have a solution for immigration ready to draft up on day 1. It's time to stop grandstanding. We need to start solving issues. There is a dishonest social justice war going on, that doesn't help the people of the district. People in the district are worried about flooding, immigration, human trafficking, and drug addiction. These things are hurting the people the most. I'm running to put those issues at the forefront, and not some cutting edge LGBTQ bathroom bill.  I want to provide the people, of the 29th district, with superior solutions to the problems facing our country today. Empowering immigrants, along side those that were born here. That's true equality. I want opportunity available for all, for the betterment of our country.

Grandson of Immigrants

As a grandson of immigrants to this country, I have always welcomed and approved of new immigrants to the United States, especially from Latin America.  The reason is that they share our values of family, hard work, patriotism and love of God. As well as - limited government, free enterprise, and personal responsibility.  Message is important, and I hope that my message finds as many people as it can. It's important that we stand together on our shared values.

Enhance Opportunity for All

It is my goal and desire to share the ideas and values that can give everyone an equal chance to fulfill their life’s destiny to the best of their ability.  I believe in Ronald Reagan’s analysis that “The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally - not a 20 percent traitor.” I want to demonstrate that the values I have embraced will enhance life’s opportunities for all people living in the US. 

Honorable and Lively Debate

I look forward to an honorable and lively debate on the issues with State Senator Sylvia Garcia.  If the residents of the 29th district will give me a chance to explain my views, and listen with an open mind, I am confident the voters will find the right person to place their trust in. 

Challenge and a Better Pathway

My challenge will be exactly how to get the people to listen to and analyze both my opponent’s and my perspectives on how to manage the problems facing both the country and our great city of Houston, as it continues to rebound from the devastating blows delivered by Hurricane Harvey.  Aronoff-Signature.jpgI am confident I can provide the better pathway to raise our children and pursue life’s treasures.

From the Houston Chronicle, 7/8/2018: Proposed Bracero II program can attract needed workers

Used during WWII to solve labor shortage, it could work again

By Phillip Aronoff

2018-07-08.pngHelp wanted signs are everywhere. Less regulation and lower taxes allow the economic creativity of the American entrepreneur to thrive and grow the economy. To honest observers, conservatives have won the argument. That debate should now be over. So how do we supply the workers required for this new economic reality?

It is time for the United States to resuscitate the Bracero program. During World War II, we solved our tremendous labor shortage by bringing in workers from outside of our borders to supplement the American workforce. Through a series of laws and diplomatic agreements, we granted them work visas, and they came and enabled our factories to produce war material and the crops needed to feed the country and our soldiers.

Thankfully, we are not fighting a world war. We have created another economic miracle. To prevent it from slowing down due to a shortage of workers, we must do two things: 1) Train our youth for the skills required, making top-notch vocational education available, and 2) Bring in foreign workers who cannot find better than marginal employment in their home countries and who want to work to improve the lives of their families. Here are the points that, when implemented, would create a win-win solution.

Congress should create a new worker’s visa , which would be given to applicants at the U.S. consulates and border crossings. Offices throughout the country would issue visas to people already here, making them eligible for the legal immigration status.

Under this plan, recipients of the visas would have a limited time to secure employment or leave the country, reapplying if they choose. Applicants must present proof they have no criminal past. Employers must have a federal taxpayer identification number. Visa recipients would receive special social security numbers. They would pay all taxes, which would be deducted from their paychecks. They would not be eligible for any tax refunds.

Certainly, they would not be eligible for any social services such as food
assistance or housing assistance. Even though they are paying into Medicare and Social Security they would not be eligible to collect benefits under this visa.

The applicants would have to purchase health insurance when they receive the visas. If they drive, they would need a driver’s license. The visas would be valid for one year and would be renewed only if the recipients have not had any legal problems and continue to be gainfully employed, proof of which they would have to tender every year.

There would be no limit on the number of visas allocated. Instead, there would be a formula for situations in which a specified number of visa holders have not yet found jobs, triggering a moratorium on new visas until the number has been achieved.

This program would eliminate the need to sneak in across the desert or the Rio Grande, or to be smuggled in the back of a truck, risking their lives and the lives of American border agents. If visas are not being issued, workers would know jobs are not available so they will not try to sneak in. If visas are being granted then they would apply and receive permission to enter this country legally, offering an opportunity for a new life in America. This will save lives and free up our resources at the border to go after the drug smugglers and human traffickers.

It also means applicants would not need to bring their families here because they can return home as often as they like. This was the experience with the original Bracero program. Foreign workers’ children would not be filling the schools here. Instead, those workers would pay for their children’s educations in their home countries with the money they send back. While looking for work they would not be counted in the unemployment statistics.

It is important to remember that the people working here also are consumers. If we don’t increase our consumption, the economy will again stagnate. We must look at these immigrants as consumers as well as producers.

These workers would be eligible to apply for permanent residency and eventual citizenship based upon the normal requirements, with the proviso that appropriate visa numbers would be made available. If they’re granted citizenship, they would be able to bring along only their spouses and children. We want to give them a vested interest in the success of the program and in the success of the United States. They want this, too.

I am well aware that many people feel that Congress, and our country, are too divided to reach any agreement to fix our broken immigration system. But I still believe that there are ways to bridge these seemingly irreconcilable differences, and I am determined to try.

Aronoff is the GOP candidate for Texas’ Congressional District 29.

At Gulf Meadows Church

My talk with the great folks of Gulf Meadows Church on January 14.